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From Sado Island in Japan


A group that finds infinite possibilities in traditional musical arts centered on taiko and attempts to re-create them for the modern age.

From Niigata


He operates four salons based in Niigata. He is actively involved in seminars not only in Japan but also in Korea, China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, and continues to disseminate his advanced techniques.

Terraced paddy field

On the slopes of mountains, one can see a landscape of many rice paddies lined up like a staircase. These are called “terraced paddy fields” in Japanese, and can be found in Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries. In Japan, which has many mountainous areas, the scenery of terraced rice paddies is one of its most poetic features.

Yamakoshi Bullfight

The sake has been drunk, the bonds have been thrown off and the bulls have been released. Come to Yamakoshi to see some of the most peaceful and exciting displays of bull fighting in the world. Bare witness to Tsunotsuki!